Brianne Cooper
Move - Briane Cooper


Brandon University Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department presents Move.

The exhibition will run from March 15th to March 24th, 2014.

A reception will be held Friday March 21st from 7PM - 10PM
Open to the Public

Move is a collection of works created around the Cooper's relation with dance and how it moves her to be herself. Cooper's artwork is centered around the movement of the body as a whole and a focus on footwork. By using her feet, she is able to properly capture the movements she makes while dancing. The flow of her linework creates an energy that is similar to way she feels during dance. The colour in the artwork represents her passion and feeling about the dances. She feels joyful and moved during her dancing and the colour helps to express this.

Dance has and always will be a part of Cooper's life. Her primary styles of dance are Highland, Belly Dance and most recently Ballet en pointe, which have all been represented. She uses fluid mediums like paint and ink that show the range and flow of movement expressed throughout her dance.