Teenage Wasteland

Brooke Piche
Teenage Wasteland - Brooke Piche


Brandon University Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department presents Teenage Wasteland.

The exhibition will run from April 8th to 17th, 2014.

An opening reception will be held Thursday April 10th from 7PM - 10PM
Food and wine will be provided

Move is inspired by my relation with dance and how it moves me to be myself. Dance is built on strength, passion and practice; without these elements progression becomes difficult and unsuccessful. My artwork is centered around the movement of the body as a whole and a focus on the footwork. By using my feet to draw with I am able to accurately capture the movements that become the dance. The flow of lines in my artwork creates an energy that is similar to the way I feel during dance. I use broken lines to describe the dancer and to focus on the parts that need the most power during the dance. By only outlining the movement of my feet, I bring attention to the center of energy. To further emphasize the broken lines, I added colour to emulate the energy. I chose colours that reflect my effervescent personality.

The colour in the artwork represents my passion and feeling about the dances. I use colour to further emphasize the broken lines in my drawings. By doing this, I bring more attention to the power of the movement and it’s motion. My main colour choices originate from my family clan tartan, McNaughton, which colours include red, green and blue. The rest of my colour choices reflect the positive emotions in a vibrant way. I feel joyful and moved during my dance and I believe that colour helps me express this. The hue of the colours help to reflect the endorphin high I experience while dancing.

My paintings were all created with the help of music. Music plays a very important role as it inspires movement and the overall feeling of the dance by laying down the foundation of the dance. To give credit to music, I have titled my work after the song that inspired the painting. I decided to provide my audience with the opportunity to experience the painting and the music together. By allowing them to privately listen to the associated song, I give them the opportunity to intimately connect with the artwork.

Dance has and always will be a part of my life. My primary styles of dance are Highland, Belly Dance and most recently Ballet, which have all been represented here. I used fluid mediums like paint and ink that easily show the range and flow of movement expressed during my dancing.