Connecting The Drops

Catherine Forest
Connecting The Drops - Catherine Forest


Brandon University Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department presents Connecting The Drops.

The exhibition will run from March 27th to April 5th, 2014.

A reception will be held Thursday March 27th from 7PM - 10PM
Open to the Public

Connect the Drops is a thesis exhibition by Catherine Forest that aims to address the importance of water conservation. Canadians are among the highest water users in the world, consuming over 300 litres of water every day, per person. The ceramic work calls attention to the illusion of water abundance and our need to rethink the way we use it to ensure clean and continual access in the future. She plays with the scale of the work as well as using large numbers for a stronger visual impact. Glaze colours were chosen to help separate the purpose of similar objects and to reflect a particular state of being, either physical or emotional. A collaborative tile project Forest worked on with a group of children is a jolting reminder that we must take care of water for the sake of all living things.

The medium of ceramics allows us to be expressive in many different ways, and Forest acknowledges art's ability and potential to heal people individually and socially. Social change is a primary goal in Forest's work. She hopes to accomplish this through thought-provoking artwork as well as organizing collaborative and community projects.