...comes crashing down

Kate MacDonald
...comes crashing down - Kate MacDonald


This is Kate MacDonald's BFA Thesis Exhibition.

The show itself runs from Dec 4th - 14th (excluding Sundays)

Please come to the show, specifically the opening!
Snacks made by my wonderful mother will be in plentiful supply, as will the wine, beer, champagne, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Artist's Statement: Using a combination of ceramic installation, displays, and wall-hung photography, the gallery space becomes an arena where I have created my own artistic commentary on the situation at hand, which is in the midst of unfolding. My subject matter and interpretation have evolved along with the evolution of this issue. If by chance I have shown anyone who is on their way to toppling that there may be a support near them to help bear their burden, then my show has been a success. I have personally found that strength and comfort may be found in the company of others. I have a sincere belief in the interconnectedness of people for a greater purpose, which I aim to show visually in the way my central columns stand together. They are not perfectly untouched; each has cracks, wobbles, and leans… yet remains standing. With the accompanying displays and photography, “…comes crashing down” is commentary on the current 2008/2009 economic recession, but can also relate to hardships in the past and future, as well as suffering that is intensely personal.