Nicole Myker
Crude - Nicole Myker


Crude is an exhibition that explores her facination with machinery and wonders of the oil industry. Capturing images of different equipment in varying places on the oil patch, she has created paintings and drawings that illustrates the metal and steel structures operated by the workers of a vast industry. Using materials made of oil, Myker has incorporated such materials into her pieces to establish the existance of oil to the viewers.

"I wish to emphasize the sheer proportion the machinery and equipment have against us humans. To be able to show the viewers the tasks from which these items are created to accomplish in the oil field, allows me to show what I find appealing about an industry we rely on," exclaims Myker.

With paintings and drawings to express these ideas, Myker has set forth to create a virtuality of the machinery, equipment and oil industry. Crude has been produced with both abject and surreal pieces of imagination and curiosity. Tapping into the reserves of her mind, she has created spontaneous, uninhibited pieces of every day dominating scenes to preserve what she sees and recalls as a childhood facination of metal and steel.

The exhibition will run from February 28th to March 9th, 2013.